Feeding the children at Anbagam Orphanage in Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Anbagam Orphanage is a not for profit non-government organization, started in 1981 by like-minded people willing to share their life helping to develop the disabled orphans. With a vision of, “Equal rights and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities through barrier free society”, at Anbagam, the children are nurtured, nourished, clothed, provided with adequate medical care and basic education. Anbagam educates and empowers the (dis)abled children in skill sets which will assist them in self- support, enabling livelihood through self -employment. Providing hands-on vocational training in bread making and floor mat weaving. .

Every day, the trustees of Anbagam are working tirelessly to ensure the 27 children in their care have a roof over their heads, meals and urgent medical care to help them grow and thrive. Despite the positive input of the volunteers the orphanage is in desperate need of funding to provide 2 meals a day for these children as well as basic stationary items such as exercise books, pens, pencils and urgent medical needs.

    We support the children by providing:
  • Preparation of daily nutritious meals for a year;
  • Notebooks, pens and pencils and basic stationary items; and
  • Medical care.
  • Our generous donors have also been donating much needed clothing, baby food, milk powder, vitamins, colour pencils and toys for the children at Anbagam annually.