Christmas dinner for the needy at Box Hill, Rotary Club

Dance to GIVE is committed to feeding the hungry and that means here in Melbourne too. For many people the words ‘hunger’ and ‘malnutrition’ conjure up images of starvation in Africa and Southeast Asia. Most Australians are unaware that hunger and malnutrition also exist much closer to home – and are shocked by the extent of hunger in the lucky country. Some of the most common reasons people skip meals or are poverty, low income, housing affordability, and the expense of staple food items.

Rotary Club feeds home cooked hot meal every Friday night at Box Hill to over hundreds of marginalised families and individuals in dire need. They are also given the leftover food to be taken home.

    They include:
  • Refugees and asylum seekers;
  • Homeless;
  • Individuals living in transient and crisis accommodation;
  • Mothers and children fleeing domestic violence;
  • Individuals battling addiction;
  • Isolated elderly people;
  • People with mental health issues
  • Individuals with physical disabilities;
  • Single parent or low-income families; and
  • Students and young people living independently and struggling to make ends meet.

Hunger is a community issue that needs a community solution. GIVE is working together with Rotary Club to help those who are struggling to afford a meal. Being able to access nutritious food makes a huge difference to people who would otherwise go without. They are no longer distracted by hunger and benefit from improved physical and mental health and are more socially engaged. GIVE is proud to be part of this virtuous cause by serving Christmas dinner to the needy annually.