Child Sponsorship Program

Looking to make a real difference in a child’s life?
Why don’t you GIVE a gift of hope and sponsor a child?
Make a difference!
One child at a time!

A child shouldn’t have to worry about the roof over their head or food on their plate. Together with our tirelessly working local NGO’s we aim to save the lives of severely malnourished, destitute and homeless children so they can grow, learn, play and develop to become thriving, active members of their community.

We strongly believe that our knowledge, capacity, talent, and goodwill can help those who cannot help themselves. We commit ourselves to the betterment of the lives of children who are in need of food, shelter, clothing, education and medical needs. We direct our charitable efforts to improve those children’s lives, to give them hope and fulfil their dreams for a better future.

By sponsoring a child in GIVE’s care, for just 90 cents a day, you can make a lasting difference to the future of a child and their future families. Education is the key to making lasting change in the poorest communities. It’s the way to change social attitudes and enable children to grow into adults who are employable and who can go on to provide for themselves and their families. We need your help to do this.

What is Child Sponsorship?

Sponsoring an impoverished child is a means of providing long-term support for a child until they complete school and can care for themselves. By sponsoring, you agree to send in regular monthly donations for the care of a child. If possible, we ask that you commit to at least one full year of support. Every sponsorship helps us give each child hope. This rich and rewarding experience literally saves a life… and costs you less than a daily cup of coffee.

Who does GIVE partner with to deliver Child Sponsorship Programs?

GIVE has partnered with local NGO’s – Vaalvin Uthayam in Sri Lanka & Arivagam in Tamil Nadu to support orphaned, destitute children living on the streets or with relatives who are too poor to feed or pay for their education.

Our Child Sponsorship Program enables a donor to connect with a sponsor child, with the sponsorship money being solely used to fund everything the child needs: food, clothing, daily necessities, school supplies and medical care.

What is the cost of Sponsorship?

The cost of each child is $27 a month or $324 a year. If you decide child sponsorship is right for you, then we will assign a child to you. We will update you on their progress through letters and artwork from the child. There are no fees from us, and the money goes directly to the children. What are you waiting for?

What happens when you sponsor a child?

When you sponsor a child, you will receive a photo and information on the child. It will give you details about the child you are supporting. Every month you will receive an update to let you know how the child is doing and how they are progressing at school. You can communicate directly with the sponsored child and receive reports by e-mail or regular mail.

How to sponsor a child?

Your donations can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can make your donations to:

You now have the power in your hands to ensure that we safeguard them while reaching out to the needy children, making the world a safer and better place for them.

We hope you can consider changing a child’s life today!